Ringing Bell

Ringing software for schools and institutions.

Out with the old and in with the new!

  • Affordable Deal No more system capabilities, limitations ...
  • Savings over time No more recurring expenses on repairs ...
  • Easy Installation No more obsolete clock rings ...
Ringing Bell Ringing Bell Ringing Bell
Ringing Bell


Smart Bell - why didn't we think of this before?

Looking for an alarm system? It's time to modernise.

Want to run system bell for your institution, easily, from the comfort of your PC?

The program replaces the your institution's system alarms with innovative and sophisticated software that is simple to operate.

Let's discover new possibilities that until now were unaffordable.

Do you have a PA system? Connect it to the Smart Bell System!

The software is suitable for all types and sizes of schools or offices.

Smart Bell software can be installed in a few minutes, no technical knowledge is required.

Upgrade your institution's alarm system, saving you time and money and raising your institution's prestige.

Still undecided? Here are some more reasons to invest in Smart Bell Systems:

  • Attractive Price - One-time payment. There is no need for special equipment.
  • Cumulative Savings - The software does not malfunction, break, or wear down.
  • Easy Installation - Fast and simple installation ... anyone can do it.
  • Emergencies - Listen to prepared emergency messages.
  • Disable for holidays - Uses the list of holidays in the Ministry of Education.
  • Simple Operation - Operation is simple and user friendly. Hebrew or English interface.
  • Unlimited Ringtones - No limit on the number of ringtones or tunes you can play.
  • Multiple Programs - You can program a different ring for any event or special occasion.
  • Plan according to needs - Determine when the system stops for holidays or ceremonies.
  • Regulate the volume - You can set the volume of each ring or recording separately.
  • Accuracy - Especially if your computer is connected to the Internet.
  • Easy backup - Back up alarms for use in a different branch.

What else?

You can program relaxing background music during breaks. You can record yourself in advance and plan to broadcast the transmission whenever you want. You can automatically replace the rings at any time, such as before holidays or special occasions. The software provides synchronised precision ringing: the teachers and the students can set their watches according to the alarm.

"Smart Alarm" software is the right choice for your school or institution.

"Smart Alarm" will give you more than just a standard alarm clock.

"Smart Alarm", download it now.

Yes! Just like that! With no obligation!

Why month free???

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Ringing Bell

The system works really well, the teachers and students enjoy a relaxed, happy and supportive management system that rings like a "smart alarm". Why didn't we think of this before?
Pearl House, Elad
The Programming schedule was very easy and intuitive. I received operating assistance despite the late hour. Customer service was really helpful.
Thank you very much. Love of Israel, Jerusalem

I want to express my gratitude for the "Smart Alarm" program.
I have experience in public address systems of various types over the years.
In my job as maintenance manager in a school, the Smart Alarm system is perfect for us.
The adjustable ring is just ideal, the pitch and length of each tone can be varied.
We can change any settings we want in advance, for example for vacations.
My only regret is the fact that no-one told me about this sooner!
Thank you!!   Moses Menashe - Mt. Zion.

Thank you for the successful "Smart Alarm" software that we have been operating for many months.
It has a range of chimes systems and personalized melodies that ring during the hours of learning and during the rest of the day as needed.
Also, special thanks for the wholehearted service, even for someone who has no computer know-how.
Benjamin Kahane, Solomon Boys School.